Adult and Family Services

ReDiscover provides help and hope for people of all ages.  Men, women, children and families come to ReDiscover at different stages of personal crisis.

Our focus is on wellness.  ReDiscover helps people who are struggling to cope with life find ways to enhance the quality of daily life, take needed steps to meet individual goals, and manage mental wellness.

ReDiscover provides child, adult, and family counseling by licensed professionals including psychologists, social workers, counselors, and nurses. Psychiatric services are provided by MD’s or our DO who evaluates each client and, if needed, prescribes and monitors medication. Case management services support the client and family.

  • Outpatient therapy
  • 45-minute appointments
  • Appointments vary based on individual need

Program Features

  • Individual & group counseling
  • Psychiatric evaluations and medication management, as needed
  • Case management
  • Family counseling
  • Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5pm, by appointment
  • Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance plans accepted
  • Fees based on ability to pay

"Sometimes life can become complicated and overwhelming.  If you need help, you can call ReDiscover. Added pressures like job loss, a sick child, a tough economy, personal tragedy, holiday expectations, or lack of proper sleep or healthy meals can increase levels of worry, fear, and exhaustion.  If you are having a hard time coping, ReDiscover can help you confront your problems and identify strategies that can help you.  We help men, women, couples, parents, children and entire families.”  Jean Schweer, Program Leader