ReDiscover helps children and adolescents develop the personal skills needed to cope with challenges while building and maintaining healthy relationships at school and at home.

ReDiscover provides assessment, crisis prevention/intervention and counseling for students at all grade levels in coordination with local school districts. Children can receive help with issues including anxiety, stress, peer or family problems, substance use disorders, depression, discipline problems, suicide risk and bullying violence. ReDiscover is dedicated to the developement of mental health programs that are non-stigmatizing and easily accessible to students and their families in the school environment.

For children with serious emotional disorders we provide intensive in-home counseling, case management services and support. We help the families understand their child's condition and improve their functioning by increasing parental behavior management skills and improving parent/child relationships and interactions.

ReDiscover uses an collaborative approach; coordinating assessments and treatment plans and linking clients to needed supports and resources in the home, school and the therapeutic community.