The Comprehensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation program (CPRC) of ReDiscover in Lee’s Summit is called Connections. Connections provides a broad array of community based services and support for residents in Lee’s Summit, Raytown and some parts of Kansas City who are coping with a serious mental illness.

Connections Monthly Newsletter

PSR Group Schedule - Provides you with the days and times groups are offered along with a brief explanation of what each group entails to help you tailor services for your specific needs!










It’s not uncommon for a person who is struggling to manage a severe and persistent mental illness to completely fail to notice the warning signs of a separate health problem.  People with severe and persistent mental illness can rapidly find themselves in life-or-death situations when they are struggling to juggle a chronic mental illness like schizophrenia with a chronic medical condition such as a respiratory infection, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or kidney disease. In addition to treating mental illness, ReDiscover helps identify separate medical issues, treat minor conditions, and help clients link to appropriate care and treatment when referrals are needed.”   John Dean & Meghan Cizek, Program Leaders