Adults living with a serious mental illness die much earlier than the general population. The majority of these premature deaths are due to chronic physical illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity, which are not adequately treated or managed.
DM3700 - disease management

ReDiscover's Disease Management (DM3700) project was created as a collaborative effort among the Department of Mental Health and MO HealthNet to reduce premature mortality and costs, and to improve quality of life.

Medicaid-eligible adults with high medical costs who have a serious mental illness or substance use disorder and are not currently receiving behavioral health services are identified. ReDiscover provides outreach and engagement for these individuals and connects them with the necessary services focusing on community support/case management and nursing services to coordinate and manage their medical/behavioral health conditions.

ReDiscover will meet the individual where they are and individualize the services to meet the needs of the person.

The Disease Management project has proved promising and has saved Missouri's Medicaid program millions of dollars and more importantly, improved the health and well-being of thousands of people in Missouri.