Help For Men

Men are uniquely vulnerable to mental health problems and to substance abuse issues.

ReDiscover offers programming that meets the needs of men, especially those with co-occuring disorders such as mental illness and chemical dependency.

We work with men at every stage of personal crisis.  ReDiscover recognizes that many men have been brought up not to talk about their problems or express their feelings. A reluctance to talk about problems can mean delays in finding and receiving needed help until a crisis occurs.


Help is available now.  ReDiscover provides 24-hour telephone and/or in-person screening, assessment and/or referrals for mental health & substance abuse services. Call ReDiscover at 816.966.0900.

We help men focus on personal wellness.  We know that men are often less likely than women to go to their medical doctor about the psychological or emotional problems they are experiencing. Men are frequently more likely to discuss only physical symptoms, which may not be recognized by their general practioners as a manifestation of mental distress or substance dependency. Physical illness can be a major contributory factor in men developing emotional problems. Physical illnesses, especially long-term conditions, and hospital stays can lead to depressive disorders in men. Lack of job security and unemployment also has an impact on men’s mental health.  ReDiscover helps men understand how to make life changes that will positively impact their health.

What about young men who are turning 18 or older?  We also provide specialized services for young adults with serious mental illnesses who are making the transition from residential treatment to adult living. Our transitional living program helps young adults with serious mental illness find their first apartments.  We provide fairly intensive oversight and case management support to help ease the transition to independent living status.