Mental Health Court
A collaborative partnership between the justice and mental health systems.
Mental Health Court is a six to twelve month diversion program for persons charged with municipal violations who are diagnosed with a mental illness. Mental Health Court is designed to ensure that persons diagnosed with a mental illness and become involved in the criminal justice system receive appropriate treatment in a setting that promotes the dignity and respect of the individual, fosters community safety and decreases future involvement in the criminal justice system.

Mental Health Court Referral Process
Mental Health Court accepts referrals from police officers, prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, probation officers, judges, treatment providers and family members. To make a referral contact the local prosecutor in the court where the defendant’s case will be heard.
Frequently Asked Questions About Mental Health Court
  • What is diversion?
  • What are the eligibility requirements?
  • What are my responsibilities under diversion?
  • Which jurisdictions participate?
Diversion allows the defendant to receive treatment in lieu of prosecution for a pending charge. Upon successful completion of all diversion requirements the charges can be dismissed. The Mental Health Court diversion program is completely voluntary.
  • Must be a resident of Jackson County
  • Have a severe or persistent mental illness
  • Misdemeanor charge
  • Other requirements set by the prosecutor and/or judge may pertain
  • Voluntary agreement to participate in the program
  • No new arrests while on diversion
  • Be free of alcohol and drugs while in the program
  • Agree to receive a mental health evaluation and follow treatment plan recommendations
  • Attend all scheduled court hearings, court monitoring and treatment appointments as directed
  • Must work on and complete a mental health court workbook
  • Pay insurance copayment, if required
  • Kansas City Municipal Court
  • Raytown Municipal Court
  • Jackson County Municipal Court