Suicide Is 100% Preventable

The Show Me Zero Youth Suicide Initiative is a collaboration among behavioral health providers to drastically reduce suicides and suicide attempts in youth ages 10-24 by focusing on prevention and early intervention.
middle schoolers

The initiative has special emphasis on those at higher risk for suicide, including youth who have experienced suicidal thoughts and/or previously attempted suicide, 18-24 year old youth, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth.

How Does the Program Work?
  1. At the request of a hospital, school or in response to a crisis call, the Show Me Zero Youth Suicide team is contacted.
  2. With permission from the youth and the youth's guardian (if under 18) the suicide prevention case manager will:
    • immediately help stabilize the youth
    • explain the Show Me Youth Suicide Initiative
    • perform an assessment
  3. The case manager will provide a bridge to services including: short-term intensive case management, connection to long-term care and supports that promote self-care.